Conveyor Chain Lubricator

This all-electric lubrication system is designed to lubricate 348 and link chain overhead conveyors. These lubricators deliver a precise metered shot of lubricant to the correct areas of the chain, eliminating drips, and wasted lubricant while extending chain life. The systems consist of a programmable controller, a pumping station and the lubrication unit(s). It is designed specifically for use with thin film lubricants.


Log chain lubricator
  • Easy menu driven programming with continuous display readout
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Lubricator status indicator light
  • Processor incorporates memory backup and automatic restart
  • Millisecond dispensing accuracy
  • 4 independent channels
  • Sturdy dispensing tubes resist vibration
  • Optional PLC interface contacts
  • Pre-mounted on galvanized i-beam
  • Ability to handle multiple lines from a centralized pumping station
  • Designed to withstand wet environments


348 chain lubricator

Besides the factory backed warranty the following services are available:

  • Factory trained field service technicians
  • Service contracts
  • Emergency service
  • Regular scheduled service visits
  • Training and preventive maintenance seminars
  • Extended warranty contracts